How much does electricity cost per month ?

How much does electricity cost per month ?

According to the current mirror, the average electricity consumption of a German single household in a single-family house is 2,300 kilowatt hours per year. Based on an electricity price of currently 32 cents per kilowatt hour, this results in average electricity costs of 736 euros per year or 61 euros per month.D

How much does recognition cost in germany ?

The recognition procedure can cost up to 600 euros. Sometimes it also costs more. The competent authority will inform you about the exact costs for your recognition procedure. You can find the responsible body in the Recognition Finder.

How much does car insurance cost ?

On average, Germans spend around 250 euros on motor vehicle liability insurance per year; if partial casco is added, it is about 340 euros, for fully comprehensive insurance it is about 565 euros.O

How much does eye laser surgery cost ?

In Germany, the costs are currently between $800 and $2,600 per eye. Thus, when treating both eyes, costs in the four-digit range must always be expected.

How much does abortion cost ?

The costs for an abortion/outpatient abortion in Germany are between 350 and 650 euros. The price differs depending on the method, type of anesthetic and doctor's office. In the case of inpatient admission, the costs for the hospital stay are added.

How much does bitcoin cost ?

>  Bitcoin 54,130.29 AUD −1,786.01 (3.19%)todaypast 5 dayspast monthpast 6 monthsyear to datepast yearpast 5 yearsall time −1,786.01 (3.19%) todaypast 5 dayspast monthpast 6 monthsyear to datepast yearpast 5 yearsall time today past 5 days past month past 6 months year to date past year past 5 years all time 29 Apr, 11:04 am UTC · Disclaimer 61.60USD () () ‎ 10:30PM 54,00054,000 54,000 54,50054,500 54,500 55,00055,000 55,000 55,50055,500 55,500 56,00056,000 56,000 12:00 am 5:00 am 9:00 am BTC

How much does balayage cost at the hairdresser ?

The longer the hairdresser needs to achieve the finished result and the more material he uses, the more expensive the visit to the hairdresser becomes. Basically you should calculate with 250-350$ for a complete balayage.

How much does petrol cost ?

The current petrol price trend continues to point downwards. Thursday morning a liter of diesel cost 2,100 euros per liter. Gasoline prices were quoted this morning at 2.075 euros for Super (E5) and 2.016 euros for Super (E10).3 days ago

How much does corona test cost ?

Free rapid antigen test Every citizen can once again be tested for the corona virus free of charge. There is an entitlement to at least one free rapid antigen test (PoC test) per week - this applies regardless of vaccination or recovery s/02/18

How much does cookidoo cost ?

For only 48 euros you get the annual subscription Cookidoo®.

How much does crunchyroll cost per month ?

Fan: For $6.99 a month, you'll have unlimited access to all Crunchyroll content, including all new episodes just one hour after their Japanese premiere, with no ads. However, usage is limited to one device at a time and there is no offline fun/02/03

How much does it cost to live in germany ?

To cover your living expenses in Germany, you need an average of around 861 euros per month or 10,332 euros per year. Prices for food, accommodation, bills, clothing and entertainment are basically in line with the EU average. Your monthly rent is your biggest expense in Germany.

How much does the morning after pill cost ?

Depending on the product, you have 72 hours or 120 hours. Side effects: The morning-after pill has few side effects and is well tolerated. It is not a "hormone bomb". Cost: It costs between $16 and $35 ​​depending on the product.

How much does diesel cost in germany ?

For the time being, diesel will remain more expensive than petrol. Currently - as of Apri - a liter of diesel costs an average of 202.7 euro cents in Germany.

How much does the ps5 cost ?

PlayStation 5 with drive for 499.99 euros* (currently sold out) PlayStation 5 Digital Edition for 399.99 euros* (currently sold out) PlayStation 5 Ratchet & Clank Bundle for approx. 570 euros* (currently sol. 3. 5.

How much does the pill cost ?

The cost of the pill is not covered by social security. Due to the different pill preparations and manufacturers, the cost of a pack of pills varies between four and 15 euros per month.

How much does iphone 12 cost ?

Starting with the iPhone 12 Mini, which already starts at the economical price of around 785 euros - by Apple standards - up to the iPhone 12 Pro Max for a proud 1217 euros.4

How much does a tax advisor cost ?

Power Bandwidth Factor Mean Factor ------------------------------------------- ---- ---- ------------ Advice, information (initial consultation) 1/10 - 10/10 0.55 Income tax return 1/10 - 6/10 0.35 Determination of income-related expenses 1/20 - 12/20 0.325 Income surplus calculation 5/10 - 20/10 1.25

How much does a bus cost ?

Hourly wage of the bus driver: 122.80$ * --------------------------- --------- Cleaning costs: $17.00 Running costs: $58.30 Margin: $100.00 Net cost: $450.00

How much does a tattoo cost ?

Tattoo prices depend on various factors As a rough guide: A small fineline tattoo usually costs between $80 and $120. For reputable tattoo artists, the tattoo price usually starts at around $80 upwards.29

How much is netflix on amazon prime ?