how to open iphone sim card ?

how to open iphone sim card

To open the SIM card tray, insert a paperclip or SIM tool into the opening next to the card tray. Gently push the paperclip or SIM tool into the iPhone.

how to mute iphone

To mute your iPhone, all you have to do is flick the small toggle on the top left side of the device. If you see an orange area there, the device is switched to mute.

how to backup iphone

- Make sure you have a stable WiFi connection. - Go to the settings of your iPhone. - Press on your Apple ID picture. - Press “iCloud” and then “iCloud Backup“. - Press “Backup Now“. - The iPhone will now back up to iCloud.

how to charge iphone faster

You can charge the battery of iPhone 8 and newer to half in about 30 minutes. Fast charging works when you use an Apple USB-C to Lightning cable and one of the following power adapters: Apple 18W, 20W, 229W, 30W, 61W , 87W or 96W USB-C power adapter.

how to lock iphone

- In Find My iPhone on, in the All Devices list, click the device that you want to put in Lost Mode or lock. ... - Click on "Lost Mode" or "Lock". - Follow the on-screen instructions.

how to dry iphone

"Place iPhone in a dry area with some airflow. Positioning iPhone in front of a fan that blows cool air directly into the Lightning connector can speed up the drying process," the company explains. Apple also explicitly advises against drying with an external heat source.

how to track iphone

Locate Your Device In Find My iPhone on, click All Devices. Select the device you want to track. The device name is displayed in the middle of the toolbar. If the device can be located: It will appear on the map so you can see where it is.

like iphone conference call ?

- Call the first person and wait for the connection to be established. - Tap on "Add call" . - Call the second person and wait for the connection to be established. - Tap on "Conference" . - The two calls are now merged into a conference call.

how expensive iphone 12 ?

Buy Apple iPhone 12 from $655.99 |

how expensive iphone 11 ?

Apple iPhone 11 from $ 53) | Price comparison skinny Germany.

how expensive iphone 12 pro ?

Buy Apple iPhone 12 Pro Max from $1,109.00 |

how expensive iphone 11 pro ?

Apple iPhone 11 Pro from $789.99 ( prices) | Price comparison at

how to sync iphone and ipad

- Open the settings on the iPhone and select "General". - Go to "(iTunes)-WLAN-Sync". - Select "Sync Now".

how iphone update ?

Update your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch over the air Go to Settings > General, then tap Software Update. If you see two available software update options, select the one you want to install. Tap Install Now.

how to move iphone

Pick up the new iPhone and turn it on. Place your old iPhone or iPad right next to it and the new device will show the Quick Launch feature. If this is not the case, place both devices on top of each other. If you see the correct Apple ID, tap Continue.

how to rename iphone

Change iPhone name: Here's how Go to "Settings" on your device, then "General" and tap on "About". Tap the first line that shows your device's name. Now type your new desired name in the line and confirm with "Done".

iphone how do i hide my number

To permanently block your iPhone phone number, proceed as follows: Open the Settings menu and scroll down to the "Phone" field. From there, select “Send my caller ID”. On Send my caller ID, slide the slider to the left so it's grayed out.

how long iphone updates ?

As a rule, Apple smartphones are supplied with the latest iOS update for around four to five years. The new version is released at the same time as the presentation of the new iPhone series in September.

How can I locate another iPhone ?