What coffee cups are there ?

What coffee cups are there?

- Stoneware coffee mug: Rustic sensitive. - Stoneware coffee mug: Reliable companion. - Porcelain coffee cups: white gold. - Metal coffee cup: Cool lightweight. - Enamel coffee mug: Hipster's favourite. - Glass coffee cup: The multi-talent.

What coffee specialties are there?

- Welche Kaffeespezialitäten gibt es? - Café au Lait. - American coffee. - Coffee with milk. - Long coffee. - Cappuccino. - Cold Brew Coffee. - Eiskaffee.

how do you make coffee

When the water gets hot, it rises from the bottom to the top. As soon as all the water is on top, add the ground coffee (medium grind). Stir to fully infuse the coffee powder with water. Turn off the heat, wait for the coffee to flow back into the lower part, the coffee grounds remain on top.

How do you brew filter coffee?

We recommend that you use approx. 100 ml of brewing water. If you brew with 300 ml of hot water, the amount of coffee of your choice is approx. 18 grams. This gives around 60 grams of coffee powder per liter. If the coffee is too strong for you at this brewing ratio, brew with 5 grams of coffee per 100 ml.

How do you brew ground coffee?

Making coffee without a filter? This is how it works: you put coarsely ground coffee directly into the pot or cup and pour it over it with once boiled water - an excellent method if you prefer a very full-bodied coffee taste. Let steep for about three to five minutes.

What is the best way to brew coffee?

In order to brew the good coffee, you just do without the boiling hot, still bubbling water. Rather, at such high temperatures, the bitter and tannins are increasingly released from the coffee, which has a negative impact on the taste. A water temperature of 90 to 95 degrees is optimal

What is Cafe Italiano?

Italiana – short espresso, a ristretto (just a shot of coffee in the cup) Café cheio – espresso lungo (full espresso cup)

How can I make coffee without a filter bag?

How to brew coffee without a filter All you need is finely ground coffee. Pour the desired amount directly into the cup. Pour the boiled water over the coffee and stir vigorously. Wait for the ground coffee to settle to the bottom of the cup.

What coffee specialties are there?

- Welche Kaffeespezialitäten gibt es? - Café au Lait. - American coffee. - Coffee with milk. - Long coffee. - Cappuccino. - Cold Brew Coffee. - Eiskaffee.

How do you prepare ground coffee?

Put the required amount of coffee powder in the filter and moisten it with water. Let the powder swell for about 30 seconds. Gradually pour the appropriate amount of hot water into the funnel in a circular motion. The brewing time should be between 3 and 4 minutes.

What do Italians eat with their coffee?

When is which coffee drink suitable? Italians like to drink a cappuccino for breakfast. It may be accompanied by a dessert such as a “cornetto” (croissant), a “brioche” (pastry) or biscuits.

What defines Italian coffee?

The aromas vary from chocolaty-sweet to fruity to strongly tart. Almost all varieties have in common the fact that the strong roasting results in a coffee with a higher bitterness. At the same time, the acidity is particularly low. Compared to German filter coffee, it also contains less caffeine.

What types of coffee are there?

There are many ways to prepare coffee and espresso - whether Aeropress, Bialetti, Cuccuma, French Press, hand filter, Karlsbader Kanne or siphon.

Can you brew coffee in a pot?

Without a coffee maker, the water can be heated in a kettle, saucepan, kettle or microwave. If you want to heat the water in a pot or kettle, fill the container with enough water for the amount of coffee you want to make and place it on the stove.

How do I make coffee with ground coffee?

- Boil a good 600 ml of fresh water. Rinse a coffee pot with hot water and pour the coffee powder directly into it. - Remove the boiling water from the stove and wait about 30 seconds. Then pour over the powder. ... - Pour the coffee through a fine sieve into cups, serve with sugar and coffee cream.

How can I make coffee without a coffee maker?

Brewing coffee with a French press How it works: You need 30 g coffee powder for 500 ml water. First swivel out the empty jug with hot water, then fill in the powder. Pour half the volume in circular motions with water heated to 90 to 94 degrees. Don't stir!

How many spoons of coffee?

For every 200 ml cup of coffee you need about a fully heaped tablespoon of ground coffee. If you want to prepare a whole liter of filter coffee right away, we recommend using seven tablespoons of ground coffee.

How do I find the right grind ?