What does ask mean in English ?

What does ask mean in English?

ask (request information): ask.

What does Allah mean in English?

Allah [Arabic name of God] relig.

What's religion in English?

religion no pl : religion (faith in god) Religion f.

What does Near mean in English?

"near": adverb at the same time, very near, near, almost, almost, almost, almost sparingly, in close quarters hard high intimately familiar More examples...

What does annoying mean in English?

annoying adj The loss of my watch would be really annoying. Losing my watch would be really upsetting.

What does AH mean in English?

Bedeutung von ah im Englisch. used to express understanding, pleasure, pain, surprise, or the fact that you have noticed something: Ah, I see.

What does say mean in English?

say (utter): to say sth.

What's sucht in German?

1. seek (try to find): look for sb / sth.

What does night mean in English?

"night": noun night evening overnight night, ignorance, darkness, realm of shadows, death sad time, concealment More examples...

What's One Night Stand in English?

Substantive --------------- one-night stand one-nighter

What's café in German?

coffee shop comm. gastr. snack bar gastr. coffeehouse [esp.

What does religion mean in English?

religion no pl : religion (faith in god) Religion f.

What does problem mean in English?

issue n. I need to solve the problem as soon as possible. I must solve the issue as soon as possible.

How do you write to seek out?

He is looking for something in a basket. He's looking for something. The verb 'pick out' (together) usually means 'pick out': you can choose something.

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