What does million mean in English ?

What does million mean in English?

Bedeutung von million im Englisch. the number 1,000,000: The city has a population of almost a/one million.

What's Aurelia in English?

Substantive. moon jellyfish [ZOOL.]

What's post in English in German?

post The prefix post when prefixing nounsThe prefix post means after(after). It forms technical terms.

What does AH mean in English?

Bedeutung von ah im Englisch. used to express understanding, pleasure, pain, surprise, or the fact that you have noticed something: Ah, I see.

What does Near mean in English?

"near": adverb at the same time, very near, near, almost, almost, almost, almost sparingly, in close quarters hard high intimately familiar More examples...

What is the adjective of Near?

Adjektive / Adverbien --------------------- near Adj. nearly Adv. nearly Adv. nearly Adv.

What does night mean in English?

"night": noun night evening overnight night, ignorance, darkness, realm of shadows, death sad time, concealment More examples...

What's One Night Stand in English?

Substantive --------------- one-night stand one-nighter

What's statue in English?

statue n. The statue was cast in bronze. The statue was cast in bronze.

How do you write letters in English?

Letter Pronunciation Pronunciation (IPA) --------- ---------- ---------------- A a / eɪ / B bee / biː / C cee / siː / D dee / diː /

What does symbol mean in English?

Substantive ----------- icon sign symbol symbol

What is the word letter in English?

letter n. By the end of the school year, the children had learned all the letters of the alphabet.

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