What happened to Peter Cornelius ?

What happened to Peter Cornelius?

Ja Peter Cornelius will be 70! The singer-songwriter is celebrating this milestone birthday in his own way. 24 songs from almost 50 career years appear on the double album 'Daylight'. Songs for which the stars were not in their favor at the time of their release.

Where was Peter Cornelius born?

Hadersdorf-Weidlingau, Austria

who sang you excuse me

Peter Cornelius

who sang you excuse me i know you

Bernhard Brink

What did Peter Cornelius sing?

Peter Cornelius is known to most through his hits "The coffee is ready", "Ripe for the island" and "You excuse me - I know you". Just like Andy Borg, he became famous through an ORF talent show "Showchance", which he won in 1973. He then played in the musical "Hair" in Hamburg and Berlin

Where did Peter Cornelius grow up?

Born in Hadersdorf-Weidlingau, a part of Vienna's 14th district of Penzing, Cornelius trained as a bank clerk after school. In 1973 he took part in the ORF talent competition Showchance and won first place with the song Die Wolk'n.

When was Peter Cornelius born?

January 29, 1951age 71 years

Where does Peter Cornelius live?


Does Peter Cornelius have children?

Family: It is not known if Peter Cornelius has any children. Facebook: No, there is no Peter Cornelius Facebook page.

Who sings the hit, the coffee is ready?

Peter Cornelius

How old is the singer Peter Cornelius?

71 years29. January 1951

Is Peter Cornelius married?

Ulrike Cornelius

What became of Peter Cornelius today?

Peter Cornelius still sings today and gives concerts. Last year he released the album Liebeslieder, which contains 12 well-known and 12 new songs. This is called and sounds “unmistakable”. It would be nice if Peter Cornelius would find his way to Germany again.

Where is Peter Cornelius from?

Hadersdorf-Weidlingau, Austria

Who sang You excuse me I know you?

Bernhard Brink

What happened to Peter Cornelius ?