What is the name of the blue from bmw ?

What is the name of the blue from bmw ?

Mediterranean blue metallic is one of the three shades of blue in the 1 Series, for which BMW charges a surcharge of 700 euros each. Mediterranean blue is the darkest and noblest blue of the three.Ma

How bmw coding list ?

- Active Sound Design. - Air conditioning. - Alarm system. - Ambient lighting. - Angel eyes. - Audio. - Brake lights. - Cleaning (windows/lights)

How does bmw connected drive work ?

How does navigation work with Connected Drive? The desired destination address or a point of interest can be entered in the "BMW Connected" smartphone app before setting off. The app automatically synchronizes with the vehicle and transfers the data to the navigation system.

How long does a bmw diesel engine last ?

"Well, 150,000 km for a petrol engine is clearly not enough," says the press man. "And with our four-cylinder diesel models, mileages of more than 300,000 km are possible."Se

How much does a bmw e92 cost ?

BMW E92 ---------------------- price (new car) top speed 0-100km/h consumption (combined)

How much does a bmw i4 cost ?

From AU$99,900

How much does a bmw cost a month ?

brand cost per month -------- ---------------- BMW 274 Audi 251 Mercedes 309 Jaguar 334

How much does a new bmw x5 cost ?

The basic model xDrive 25d with 231 hp already costs 68,700 euros and the X5 xDrive 30d tested by the ADAC is in the list at 72,800 euros. The xDrive 40i comes to 74,300 euros and the 625 (!) HP flagship M Competition even to 143,500 euros.Se

How much does a new bmw m3 cost ?

Price: The M3 costs 82,500 euros, the M4 84,000 euros.22 de ma

How much does a new bmw m3 car cost ?

According to the manufacturer, the price is 82,500 euros (as of ), for the competition version an additional 7000 euros must be added. A wide range of M Performance Parts will also be available at the market launch. The BM) is launched with the large kidney of its two-door brother M4.1

How much does a bmw 1 cost in insurance ?

BMW 1 Series car insurance for a young driver. Liability $24.79 per month, partially comprehensive $31.71 per month, fully comprehensive $34.12 per month

How much does a bmw x7 cost ?

From $74,900

How much does a bmw x4 cost ?

From AU$86,900

How much does a bmw x8 cost ?

The upc BMW X8 is coming and will be based on the X7 model. Basically, both models have many similar features in common. However, X8 might be more expensive as it introduces more superior and high-end technologies. Some of the car experts predicted that the new X8 will surely cost around 80 000 euros.

How much is a b ?

A new M4 costs at least 87,000 euros (at carwow.de with savings of up to 15,747 e. 2nd 8th

How much does a bmw m4 cost a month ?

Monthly maintenance costs The comprehensive costs are 394 euros (partly comprehensive) or 1,152 euros (fully comprehensive). This results in monthly maintenance costs of 481 euros for M4 drivers who drive their car 15,000 kilometers a year. If the mileage doubles, this value increases to 855 euros.

How much is a b ?

Torque: 600 Nm at 4000 to 5380 rpm • Acceleration: 0-100 km/h in 3.9 s • Top speed: 280 km/h • Curb weight: 1580kg • Price: from 116,900 euros. For comparison: A 450 hp BMW M4 Coupé with DCT and competition package is available from dealers from 88,290 euros.Ma

How much does a bmw m8 convertible cost ?

As a competition, the BMW M8 Ca) costs at least 176,000 euros.J

How much does the bmw m850i cost ?

It is not a bargain to drive the BMW 8 Series: even the 333 hp basic version costs 96,900 euros. The M850i ​​with 530 hp V8 and all-wheel drive is available from dealers for 128,100 euros, and the M8 Competition with 625 hp costs a crazy 170,400 euros.2

How expensive is a bmw m8 ?

The base price of the BMW M8 Gran Coupé Competition is 165,000 . 5th 26th

How much does a bmw e36 cost ?